BodyMorph Training Programs
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Whether your a seasoned athlete or you have never set foot in a gym before; you can be confident knowing that the BodyMorph system has training programs to match your capabilities, experience and your individual goals! Each of the programs below are modifiable to 3 different difficulty ratings for each session, so no matter your fitness level you can still be pushed towards getting great results. If you have more than one goals e.g. your aim is to lose weight but also build muscle, you can choose to do a "hybrid" program which combines 2 result specific programs into your weekly training routine.

Prior to commencing each new training plan, which is updated every 4-6 weeks depending on the program, you will be contacted by one of our highly qualified personal trainers to discuss your progress over the last program, explain the new program i.e. how it works, what's involved and what great results you can expect from it. On top of that you will have exclusive access to our gallery of Training Program Demonstration Videos which show you the exercises you will be performing with instructions, cues and what to focus on to get the most out of the program. Our 3 result specific programs are; The Extreme Conditioning Program: For those wanting to perform like a champion, shred through massive amounts of calories, build and tone muscles all over the body and have a whole heap of fun while doing it. This program is based around high intensity yet functional training sessions.

Work hard and fast and see yourself looking and performing better each and every week. To help you stay motivated we encourage the group members to get involved with all outdoor obstacle events in South-East Queensland (Tough Mudder, Spartan Race, The Zombie Run etc) so that you always have something to train for and a reason to keep yourself improving week in and week out. The Maximum Muscle Program: For those wanting to build lean muscle fast, increase strength, activate specific muscles and learn proper lifting technique. Let our trainers show you how the pro's do it so that you can get professional results as well! Programs consist of 4-6 week training cycles all set to achieve specific goals to aid in rapid muscle growth and strength increases. This program has yielded many fantastic outcomes with clients excelling to the next level and taking on the stage in amateur body-building and power-lifting competitions, with great success! The Tone Up - Trim Down Program: For those looking for a less taxing way of stripping body fat, toning large muscle groups and achieving that Summer body all year round. This program is designed for those who prefer a lower intensity, cardio based program that shies away from weights and high impact training. This program focus' on improving your body image by increasing your aerobic training capacity with cardio-vascular, body weight and core training techniques.