BodyMorph Nutritional Plans
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Take control of your calorie intake. Have your macro-nutrients balanced perfectly to your needs without ever having to read a food label! Based on your nutritional needs, predicated by your body type, age, activity level and other key factors; the Bodymorph system will calculate your exact nutritional needs to achieve your ideal body composition. If calorie counting and macro-nutrient counting just isn't your thing then the BodyMorph system will make dieting a breeze for you! Based on your calculated calorie needs we have a range of pre-made nutritional plan templates that will provide you with exact portions of each ingredient in each recipe. So, if you can use a pair of kitchen scales and follow simple cooking instructions then you have what it takes to get great results... To make the dieting process as simple as possible each meal will consist of; A lean protein source, a carbohydrate source and a fat source. 10% of your calorie needs for each meal will go to an "additional calorie source" to help give the meal more texture, flavour and variation! Then each meal can be jam packed full of super low calorie foods to create more substance and ensure you're never left hungry after a meal. Still want more control and variation? Maybe your a fussy eater? You have the ability to alter meal plans or create your own by selecting from over 150 BodyMorph meals. Pack your nutritional plan full of the foods that you love and BodyMorph will calculate portion sizes for you! It's that simple! No more generic programs full of boring salads and ridiculously low calories. If it wasn't made by BodyMorph then it wasn't made for your exact needs!