Understanding Your Body Type
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When it comes to health, weight management and achieving your ideal body image there is no "one size fits all" solution. To help you best achieve your goals it is important to define what your body type is. There are 3 body type categories; these categories are defined by key genetical traits that set each body type apart. Understanding the difference between these genetic traits is the key to delivering the most effective ways to achieve your goals. The Ectomorph body type: The typical defining features of the Ectomorph are; a thin frame, high metabolism, low muscle mass. Strengths; burns fat easily due to a higher metabolic rate as a result of hormonal sensitivity and stable hormonal release in key digestive organs. Weaknesses; difficulty building strength and muscle as muscle fibers are predominantly small/endurance/slow twitch muscle fibers Recommendations; Eating a diet slightly higher in carbohydrates and made up of lots of protein, Low GI carbohydrates and Good fats so that the metabolism will lower slightly and use the nutrients put into the body while still burning off excess fat. Take part in a training program that incorporates strength and resistance to build and stimulate muscles. The Endomorph body type: The typical defining features of the Endomorph are; short, rounded "stocky" build, slow metabolism, moderate-high muscle mass Strengths; builds muscle faster and is suited to strength based activities due to high amounts of large/strength/fast twitch muscle fibers. Weaknesses; stores fat easily due to a low metabolic rate, high insulin resistance and unstable thyroid hormonal release, Recommendations; Eating lower portions of carbohydrates and creating more substance in meals from protein and good fat sources as a way to make body fat your primary energy source and burn off excess body fat. Take part in a training plan that incorporates high intensity or cardiovascular endurance to burn fat and calories and tone your body. The Mesomorph body type: The typical defining features of the Mesomorph are; an athletic frame, rounded shoulders, moderate-high metabolism and muscle mass. Strengths; capable of building firm, lean muscle mass like the Endomorph while storing less fat. Suited to strength or endurance training. Weaknesses; when fat does store, it tends to form in specific areas around key organs i.e. belly fat will be out of proportion to other areas of the body. Recommendations; Balance is the key for the Mesomorph body type. A generous amount of each macro-nutrient source (without over-saturation) will keep your metabolism burning high, how it genetically should be! Your body type can sustain high intensity training well and will yield great results from doing so as you will burn fat quick and build muscle. The combination of strength training and steady state cardio is also great for this body type.