Understand the needs of your body type to get results fast. Look and feel your best with these revolutionary BodyMorph features

  • A Dedicated Trainer To Ensure You're On The Right Track

    Every BodyMorph user is assigned a Dedicated Health Strategist to walk hand in hand with them every step of their journey towards great results. They will aid you in choosing, adjusting and understanding your programs. They are equipped with knowledge and experience to keep you motivated, check-in on your progress and answer all of your questions.

  • Professional Training Plans For All Skill Levels;

    No matter your experience, goals or skill levels there is a training program to suit you. All programs are result specific, modifiable and fun. Certain training types are best suited to different body types and we guide you towards what will work best.

  • Nutritional Needs Analysis

    Key information that you enter about yourself and your goals can be used to calculate your exact calorie needs and the most effective macro-nutrient split to transform your body. This information is integrated into our meal plans to calculate your exact portion sizes for every meal in your plan.


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